The HX9500R-PTN-6U is a modular system with the integrated functions of the powerful HX9400R SDH/SONET system and the versatile TDM/PDH QX3440 multiplexer.


The HX9500R-PTN-6U is equipped with 2 CPU/Aggregates cards which support 2 rings STM4-1/OC12-3. This card integrates a SDH/SONET VCxx cross-connect of 4.9 Gbps and a DACS or IT cross-connect of 42 Mbps. The HX9500R utilizes the standard HX9400R cards (STMx/OCx, E1/T1, E3/DS3, FE/GE) and all QX3440 cards 1&2slots (E1/T1, voice, analogue, Vxx, RS232, dry contacts…..).






The HX9500R-PTN is a compact solution for small/medium size nodes to distribute IP/voice/video/SCADA along SDH/SONET pipes of 622 Mbps or 2 x 622 Mbps. The capability to integrate the QX3440, HX9400 and HX9500 equipment in the same network will optimize the cost of equipment and maintenance parts.

The HX9500R-PTN can integrate the following cards:

4 tributary NG SDH/SONET cards:

Each E1, T1, E3 or DS3 delivered by these cards are clock independent. The Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet ports are transported in EoS (Ethernet over SDH or SONET) with rate of n VC12 or n VC3 or n VC4 up to 4 VC4.

1 STM-4 (OC-12) tributary MSP 1+1,

6 STM-1 (OC-3) tributary MSP 1+1,

3 STM-1 (OC-3) ring SNCP,

2 X 63 E1/T1 port,

3 x 3 E3/T3 ports,

4 x 8 x10/100BaseT or 4 Gigabit Ethernet with Layer 2 switch features .

6 TDM/PDH tributary cards with individual clock synchronization. Ethernet traffic is transported in EoPDH with a PPP or HDLC mode at n 64 Kbps or in standard MLPPP over 4 E1/T1(8 Mbps).

Each card can be :

4 E1/T1 or 3 E1 with SNCP-PDH 64k protection,

8 analogue E&M 2W/4W,

12 FXS voice,

12 FXO voice,

2 channel G.SHDSL (2 W),

4 channel G.SHDSL (1 W),

Omnibus card,

4 C37.94 optical interfaces n x 64kbps,

8 port switch with router,

6 V.35 or V36 or X21 card,

8 RS232,

8 Dry Contact I/O