The HX9500R-6U is a modular system with the integrated functions of the powerful HX9400R SDH/SONET system and the versatile TDM/PDH QX3440 multiplexer.


The HX9500R-6U is equipped with 2 CPU/Aggregates cards which support 2 rings STM4-1/OC12-3. This card integrates a SDH/SONET VCxx cross-connect of 4.9 Gbps and a DACS or IT cross-connect of 42 Mbps. The HX9500R utilizes the standard HX9400R cards (STMx/OCx, E1/T1, E3/DS3, FE/GE) and all QX3440 cards 1&2slots (E1/T1, voice, analogue, Vxx, RS232, dry contacts…..).



The HX9500R is a compact solution for small/medium size nodes to distribute IP/voice/video/SCADA along SDH/SONET pipes of 622 Mbps or 2 x 622 Mbps. The capability to integrate the QX3440, HX9400 and HX9500 equipment in the same network will optimize the cost of equipment and maintenance parts.

The HX9500R can integrate the following cards:

4 tributary NG SDH/SONET cards:

Each E1, T1, E3 or DS3 delivered by these cards are clock independent. The Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet ports are transported in EoS (Ethernet over SDH or SONET) with rate of n VC12 or n VC3 or n VC4 up to 4 VC4.

1 STM-4 (OC-12) tributary MSP 1+1,

6 STM-1 (OC-3) tributary MSP 1+1,

3 STM-1 (OC-3) ring SNCP,

2 X 63 E1/T1 port,

3 x 3 E3/T3 ports,

4 x 8 x10/100BaseT or 4 Gigabit Ethernet with Layer 2 switch features .

6 TDM/PDH tributary cards with individual clock synchronization. Ethernet traffic is transported in EoPDH with a PPP or HDLC mode at n 64 Kbps or in standard MLPPP over 4 E1/T1(8 Mbps).

Each card can be :

4 E1/T1 or 3 E1 with SNCP-PDH 64k protection,

8 analogue E&M 2W/4W,

12 FXS voice,

12 FXO voice,

2 channel G.SHDSL (2 W),

4 channel G.SHDSL (1 W),

Omnibus card,

4 C37.94 optical interfaces n x 64kbps,

8 port switch with router,

6 V.35 or V36 or X21 card,

8 RS232,

8 Dry Contact I/O