The HX9400R-PTN is a standards-compliant high density SDH/SONET/PTN ADM/TM IMAP with a full T1/E1 cross-connect rack system.

The HX9400R-PTN has full add and drop capability according to the figures below:

  • 1 STM-16 tributaries

  •  4 STM-4 tributaries

  • 16 STM-1 tributaries

  • 24 E3/T3 tributaries

  • 504 E1/T1 tributaries

  • 64 10/100M Ethernet EoS tributaries

  • 8 GbE EoS tributaries

  • 56 FOM tributaries

  • 6 10GbE and 16 1GbE tributaries


With up to 4 STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) aggregate interfaces on cross-connect modules and 16 STM-1 (OC-3) interfaces on tributaries, the CXR-HX9400R-PTN offers the service provider a versatile protection scheme including SNCP (UPSR), and MSP (1+1) protection for network topology.

With the PTN10G interface card, the HX9400R-PTN will be able to transport SDH/SONET over PSN network. With HX9400R-PTN as a gateway between SDH/SONET and PTN, existing SDH/SONET network users will be able to migrate from SDH/SONET/PDH to PTN network smoothly and seamlessly.

All interfaces are fully compliant with the relevant ETSI standards and ITU recommendations. The CXR-HX9400R-PTN provides powerful Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P) functionality, including fault management, performance monitoring, configuration management, and network security management. Through a console port, LAN port and DCC channel, OAM&P can be achieved both locally and remotely via SNMP or menu-driven interfaces.

The CXR-HX9400R-PTN provides a complete set of operation interfaces that are consistent with the Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) concept (ITU Recommendation M.30, G.784) for SDH/SONET Network Element/Operations System (NE/OS), NE/NE, and NE/Craft communications. Users can easily operate the CXR-HX9400R-PTN locally or remotely for centralized management.

MPLS 1:1 LSP Protection:

MPLS 1+1 LSP Protection: 

SNCP/UPSR Ring Protection for SDH/SONET paths or DS0 (3E1/T1 card only):

MSP (1+1) protection for SDH/SONET:



  • 6U height, full front access (ETSI) shelf support up to 2.5G Mbps backplane
  • SDH/SONET VCn/VTn Cross-Connect Capacity: 15Gbps bidirectional non-blocking
  • PTN (CE and MPLS-TP) Switching Capacity: 100Gbps bidirectional non-blocking
  • Hot-swappable cross-connect modules, tributary modules and power modules
  • Temperature-controlled fan tray
  • Aggregate cross-connect modules (controller modules)
    • Up to STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) aggregate lines with software configuration (CCPA)
  • Tributary modules: 8 tributary slots
    • Two ports STM-1/4 (OC-3/12) or One port STM-4 (OC-12) module
    • Three ports E3/T3 module
    • 16/32/63 ports E1/T1 tributary module
    • 1 GbE or 8 FE tributary module without L2 switch
    • 8 GbE with L2 switch tributary module
    • Three 10G/Eight 1G ports PTN10G module
  • Power Modules
    • DC module (-36 to -72 Vdc)
    • AC/DC hybrid module (90 to 240 Vac; -36 to -72 Vdc)
    • Dual power (1+ 1) protection
  • Protection
    • Controller cross-connect unit (CC16) protection,
    • MSP (1+1), SNCP/UPSR Ring
    • Controller cross-connect unit (CC4) protection,
    • MSP (1+1), SNCP/UPSR
  • Tributary protection 
    • E1/T1: Card/Port (1:1) using Y-box, Line (1+1)
    • E3/T3: Line (1+1)
    • B155/622: MSP, SNCP/UPSR
    • Ethernet
    • FOM: Line (1+1)
    • 8GE: Card
    • PTN Swtich Fabric 1:1 
  • Network Protection
  • MSP 1+1
  • Ethernet Ring Protection (ERPS G.8032)
  • Link Aggregation (Inter and Intra board)
  • LSP Linear Protection (1+1/1:1) sub 50ms
    • External/Internal/Line timing source with SSM
  • SyncE
  • IEEE 1588
  • TDM clocks
    • TM, ADM, and cross-connect
    • Full cross-connect at VC11/VC12/VC3/VC4 levels
    • External/Internal/Line timing source with SSM
    • Ethernet supports GFP, LAPS, VCAT, BCP, LCAS and non-LCAS
  • Management
    • Console port, VT100 menu-driven 
    • SNMP port: Both v1 and v3 supported
    • Telnet and SSH
    • Centralized management with CXR’s EMS/iNMS over DCC channel
    • CXR-iNET GUI Element Management System
    • TMN management (CXR-iNMS) with full FCAPS and end-to-end circuit management
  • RoHS compliant