iNET Inelligent Network Management  

Scalable and modularized architecture


iNET, based on the scalable and modularized architecture, is a set of intelligent network management software programs which can be taken as both Element Management Layer (EML) and Network Management Layer (NML) based the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) model. This program is flexibly designed to manage your network regardless of size or complexity. You can add or remove any component as you want without affecting operations of the system. It provides a GUI (graphical user interface) for the management of a communications network containing CXR Telecom products.

All SNMP provided functions are available in iNET. This includes the execution of all commands, the gathering of all statistics, and the display of all alarm conditions in real time. The map and the reports can be printed as well as viewed directly from the iNET.

By offering feature-rich functionalities, iNET maximizes the network efficiency, minimizes the operating costs and reduces the potential risks. Moreover, it supports the protocols of SNMP, NTP, and more (upon request). Customization adaptation into different protocols is allowed and upon request.


  • Web based application following design of thin client computing
  • Windows style user desktop environment
  • Supported server platform: MS Windows
  • Database server: MySQL RDBMS
  • Automatic load balancing for the major components to increase performance of iNET server
  • Hot standby server redundancy with automatic failover to provide high availability (HA) for the major system components
  • System operation and user access log
  • Multi-hierarchical subnet structure allows user to provide multi-level network topology display
  • SNMP based management system that supports SNMP functions including commands, alarms, and statistics gathering.
  • Up to 100,000 Network Elements(NEs) and unlimited concurrent user connection logged into the iNET server
  • Network elements of same model with different versions managed by iNET simultaneously
  • Scheduled statistics reports can be displayed and saved in MS Excel/PDF format.
  • Enriched topology management provides zoom-in/zoom-out and drag-and-drop functionalities in view, subnet view, link and NE panel status
  • Alarm management that provides automatic suppressing and notification via Email with advanced filtering system
  • Build-in system monitoring and NE connectivity tool with NE connectivity status for system administration purpose
  • Robust and reliable design based on distributed system architecture which provides flexible and scalable solution for network expansions.
  • Performance management shows current statistics for the NEs and system
  • and much more, see data sheet