Defense and Emergency Services

CXR helps the Ministry of Defense and Emergency Services to develop and maintain their communication networks.

Those networks face many integration constraints in most specific systems such as robustness, maintenance, security, form-factor.

CXR responds to those specific requirements with dedicated products but also R&D and logistic services which have proven efficiency in such situations for many years.

Tactical voice communications

The communication networks plays a vital role in military force actions. Communications pass through radio or satallite links for digital media and voice communications. CIP-ALL voice gateway converts any type of voice interface - FXO, FXS, E&M, to an Ethernet IP network to access or expend the...
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Encryption network interface

Defense communications are encrypted with proven systems that have any communication interfaces including synchronous ports to radio or TDM converters. A dedicated solution is required to connect existing encryption devices over an IP network. This function is perfectly achieved by the CIP range...
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Last Resort Communication Network

Last resort systems are major stakes of defense strategies and they are aimed at providing suitable communications to military and emergency forces even in case of failure of existing infrastructures. Those systems must be deployed very quickly and they must perform very strongly under any...
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Air force navigation synchronization

Defense and emergency services rely on various synchronization solutions for their communication networks and specific applications. PRC synchronization and NTP / PTP time reference solutions are widely used, but the IRIG-B interface is more specific to air navigation requirements.
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