Transport & Smart city

CXR solutions are designed and qualified to suit the most stringent requirements of transport networks – traffic light control, railway and aviation. Our products bring all reliability and performance to provide safely controlled networks. CXR has integrated many innovative techniques in its products to provide transport operators with smart, resilient and cost effective solutions.

Video protection network

Videoprotection is a key element for the security of cities, transportation infrastructures and industries. CXR offers perfect solutions that respond to the key issues of the video-protection networks.
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4G/5G communications for Smart Transportations

New smart transportations deliver high level of services from IP communications for many applications including geolocation, emergency services, intelligent traffic control, video protection, ticketing and user services such as travel information, Wi-Fi Internet access and entertainment.
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Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Light Control

Most cities own copper cables that connect Traffic Light Controllers to a control center via multidrop modems. CXR CopperWay-Bis products leverage on existing cables and deliver several MegaBit per second throughput at these controller sites. They emulate multidrop modem operation for truly...
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High bandwidth Ethernet for long distance transportations

With the most stringent requirement of providing absolutely reliable and safe services to their users, traffic and public transportation operators need communication networks that have to demonstrate performance and flexibility, reliability and resilience, manageability and cost effectiveness....
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