The QX3440-C is a fully modular multiservice multiplexer ,with 9 slots of 4E1/T1 2Mbps/1.5Mbps, or n 64/56kbps for network or tributary use. This DACS has a 72Mbps cross-connect capability and supports a wide variety of interfaces: E1/T1 copper or fiber, serial, analog, POTS voice, dry contact, or Ethernet bridge/router .

The QX3440-C replaces the discontinued Model IX4200-9, supporting all applications of this older model. All tributary cards from the IX4200-9 can be used in the QX3440-C with a free software upgrade, and conversely, all cards from the QX3440 (with references QX34DD) can be used in the IX4200-9.

The QX3440-C is intended to be used in tight spaces, utilizing a compact 2U 300mm deep chassis, with the same capability as the larger QX3440 5U chassis. Both chassis utilize the same CPU.

The QX3440-C can be utilized as a E1/T1 TM multiplexer, or E1/T1 ADM in either a bus or ring infrastructure, (with optional UPSR-PDH ring). This supports full 1+1 protection of the E1/T1 circuits, and allows for full redundancy of the CPU, the cross-connect and the power supply.

The QX 3440-C supports all modes of standard voice (POTS) interfaces: FXO to FXS, FXS to FXS (PLAR mode), FXS to E1-CAS or T1-CAS and E&M to E&M or E&M to E1-CAS/T1-CAS. For dual telecom environments the QX3440-C supports full E1 to T1 conversion with 64kbps to 56kbps per TS, and A law to µ law. It can be configured as a 30 FXS/FXO POTS channel bank from E1 or T1 CAS, in either copper or fiber.

The QX3440-C is manageable in-band over a TS, or out-of-band through the RS-232 console port. It can also be network managed through SNMP in Telnet/SSH, or from a centralized server GUI with CXRView/Plus based on SNMPc, or from CXR-INMS, (an Intelligent INMS for large networks).


  • Fully Modular Chassis : 9 slots for modules 4 x n 64K or 4 x 2 Mbps, plus one AC power or 1 or 2 DC power supplies,
  • Tributary or WAN modules: E1 or 4 E1 copper,T1 copper, 4 E1/T1 FO, G703 64K(J64), E1 ATM/Frame Relay, synchronous serial X21/V11- V35-IEA 530-RS232 and 3 RS232 with terminal server function, dual port Bridge/Router 10/100BaseT, analog POTS voice 4 FXS, 4 FXO, 4 E&M or E1 CAS,
  • Full cross-connecting of TS,
  • Multi-casting, broad-casting of TS
  • Full 1+1 Protection for E1 and T1 circuits, optional USLR-PDH ring protection