CIP-6704 is a modular TDM over Packet gateway that is aimed at emulatif circuits for analog voice, E1/T1 and serial communication. Two slots for modular cards, enable many combinations of voice, E1/T1 and serial interfaces.


CIP-6704 provides circuit emulation services over an Ethernet, IP or MPLS packet network for legacy voice, leased-line, serial and E1 communications. 

CIP-6704Its modularity adapts to many requirements for migration of telecom leased lines or old telephone network emulation. It is also well suited for the Utility networks to connect RTU systems.

CIP-6704 has two slots for modular cards that can be:

  • E1 / T1 : to connect to a PBX or other E1 / T1 equipment 
  • E&M : voice interface and its signaling signals to connect PBX or similar equipment, but also for analog leased line emulation
  • FXO : telephone interface to connect to a PBX
  • FXS : telephone interface to connect to a subscribre equipment such as a modem or a telephone set
  • RS530, RS232, V24, V35, X21 : serial data interface

CIP-6704 fixed interfaces

- 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports : 2x RJ45 and 2x SFP

- 2x E1 / T1 interfaces


2x slots for modular cards

- 4x E1 / T1 ports

- 4x FXO

- 4x FXS

- 4x E&M or analog leased lines

- 1x serial port : RS530, RS232, V24, V35, X21