The FO-SERIAL is a fiber optic modem used by the Telcos to deploy high rate leased lines in local loops. The enterprise market utilizes it to interconnect routers for unstructured applications like video codec or data from encrypted serial systems in a military environment.

The FO-Serial works in a framed mode at x 64Kbps or at fixed rates 2, 4, 6 or 8Mbps. One special software version, the FO-SECD allows a co-directional transmission of flow from DC to 8Mbps which is mainly used for satellite transmission.


The FO-SERIAL is available as FO-SE11 with X21/V11interface, FO-SE35 with V35 interface and FO-SE28 with V24/RS232 asynchronous/synchronous interface.

By default the interface rate is fixed at 2.048 Kbps, but we can select framed mode with a synchronous rate of 64K at 2.048Kbps per 64Kbps step, then 4.096, 6.144 and 8.192 Kbps.

When operating in n 64kbps or 2Mbps modes the FO-SERIAL can transmit data over fiber to a FO-E1T1. This solution is used to deploy leased lines from a TDM/PDH or SDH transit network. FO-SE28 provides a V28/V24/RS232 synchronous interface from 1.2 to 128 kbps and an asynchronous interfaces from DC to 112.5 kbps.

The free GUI MxCfg makes it easy to quickly configure the clock source and slope, the rate , the interfaces and loop back testing for both the local and distant end devices. You can also access past and current transmission statistics in 15min, 30min, 1hr and 24hr increments. It is possible to create configurations outside of the equipment and then forward the information to the site via the Internet or to print it with comments.



  • Extension of Serial link over fiber optic,
  • FO-SE11: X21/11 synchronous rate n x 64kbps up to 2, 4, 6 and 8Mbps,
  • FO-SE35: V35 synchronous rate n x 64kbps up to 2Mbps, 4, 6 and 8Mbps,
  • FO-SE28: V28/V24 synchronous rate from 1.2k to 128kbps and asynchronous from DC to 115.2Kbps,
  • Compatible with FO-E1T1 or FO80E1 in G704 n x 64kbps or 2Mbps
  • Compatible with FO8011, FO8035 and FO8028,
  • FO fixed Interfaces, 
    o Multimode 820nm ST, 
    o Single-mode 1310nm and 1550nm, connector SC/PC or FC/PC,
  • Metallic box with AC, DC 48 or 24v power supply,
  • Rack card for 19’’ AMS4 and AMS16 SNMP chassis,
  • Free Windows GUI MX-CFG to setup local and distant equipment.