CIP-ALL is range of factory modular equipments doing the PseudoWire Emulation or the Encapsulation of low frequency analogue signal, like E&M or FXO/FXS, over Packet Switched Network IP, Ethernet or MPLS. It is providing the transport of low rate and low latency links over Telco’s backbones and it is particularly replacing the analogue leased lines for interconnection of industrial RTU/NTU.


This equipment include:

the following users interfaces to encapsulate in PseudoWire:

- 2 x 2 analogue interfaces as :

LLA : 2/4 wire analogue 300-3400Hz signal of the E&M,
FXS or FXO: phones interfaces

- one RS232/V24 encapsulated in RAW TCP or UDP

- one optional E1 G703, G704 or E1-CAS

the Ethernet interfaces LAN or WAN :

- 2 fiber optic SFP for 1000SX/LX/ZX module

- 4 copper 10/100BaseT Ethernet

- any interfaces can be set as WAN or LAN

The CIP-ALL warranty the transport of voice signal without distortion and compression. The audio signal is converter in TDM circuit with CAS signalization. The TS are encapsulated in bundle. Each bundle can carry one to the fours voice signals. The bundles are emulation of n 64Kbps TDM PseudoWire using CESoPSN or AAL1 (TDMoE) protocol. At the other end the PW can be end by a CIP-ALL to recreate the same signal or provide as a TS of an E1-CAS with a CIP-2E1 or a QX3440-TDMoEcard or an IMX-M16E1 or IMX-MSTM4. The CIP-ALL supports up to 34 Bundles of 64kbps to 2Mbps.

The analogue ALL circuit could be transported by:

From a CIP-4ALL over Ethernet to a CIP-4ALL
From a CIP-4ALL over Ethernet via a CIP-2E1T1 and an E1 network to a MX-4EM or QX3440-8EM
From a CIP-4ALL over Ethernet to a QX3440 DACS with TDMoE card 8EM cards.

the FXO to FXS or FXS to FXS circuits :

From a CIP-4FXS over Ethernet to a CIP-4FXO connected to a PBX or PSTN
From a CIP-4FXS over Ethernet to a CIP-4FXS in PLAR mode
From a CIP-4ALL over Ethernet trough a CIP-2 E1 and E1 network and a QX3440-12FXO
From a CIP-4ALL over Ethernet to a QX3440 with TDMoE and 12FXO/FXS cards

The CIP-ALL supports the 1+1 WAN Ethernet protection. The bundle protection is in development. The CIP-ALL is powered with a strong switch. This support VLAN, Q-in-Q and QoS on LAN and WAN interfaces.