CIP-401 is a dial-up and modem converter to IP aimed at replacing the legacy communications over the plain old telephone system by an IP packet network to maintain the operation of remote equipment

CIP-401 convertisseur modem RTC sur IP

The dial-up telephone system is being discontinued by telecoms operators in many countries. In this context, CIP-401 emulates the public switched telephone network and the end-to-end modem communication to enable :

  • maintaining remote systems without any modification,
  • moving SCADA / control systems to new generation data centers and IP communications,
  • securing communication over the IP network through encryption protocols.

CIP-401 moving public telephone system to IP

There have been so many systems based on modem and PSTN communications : alarm systems, electricity / water and other utility metering, electric substations, large heating systems, automatic distribution (food, drink, ATM, fuel, etc.), billing terminals, medical and pharmaceutical terminals, etc.

CIP-401 embeds :

  • An FXS, dial-up network interface that emulates the PSTN network with incomnig and outgoing calls,
  • A multimode modem processor that complies to the ITU-T V21 to V34 standards,
  • A packet processor that provides AES encryption and IPSec tunnels features.

CIP-401 is a compact product with very low power consumption that is easy to integrate in any environment.

It benefits from a feature rich software with IP v4/v6 stack and many features to ensure best cybersecurity protection to communications and resources.

1- Modem POTS interface

- POTS interface : FXS, 600 Ohms, CTR-21

- incoming and outgoing call control

- DTMF and pulse dialing

- Asynchronous modem compliant to ITU-T standards : V21, V23, V22, V22Bis, V32, V32Bis, V34

2- Ethernet port : 10/100BaseT, RJ45

3- Communications over IP

- Encapsulation of asynchronous data over IP : transparent, bloc, message, HNZ, break

- Encapsulation over UDP or TCP, configurable TLV header

- Authentication and data encryption : AES, OpenVPN, IPSec

4- Other characteristics

- Dimensions : 100x91x44 mm

- Power supply input : 12-24 Vdc

- Typical power consumption : 3.5 W

CIP-401          Modem and POTS to IP converter