MPLS and SDH multiservice multiplexers for the mission critical networks

MPLS and SDH multiservice multiplexers

The CXR range of multiservice multiplexers are aimed at serving the mission critical networks:

  • Electricity distribution and transport networks 
  • Airport infrastructure
  • Oil and gas networks and infrastructures
  • Public transports, subway and railway networks


SDH-PDH technologies have been massively deployed in mission critical networks for their absolute robustness: redundancy of power supply cards, CPU, interface cards, circuits and management system.

MPLS-TP is a logical evolution from SDH to a Packet Transport Network which brings two complementary benefits: Robustness and bandwidth up to 10G.

CXR multiplexers bring key benefits to mission critical networks, thanks to the support of CXR experts who have been deeply involved in such mission critical network over many years.


Here is an overview of our range of multiservice multiplexers:


MPLS-TP and SDH multiservice multiplexer with low-speed interfaces and Circuit Emulation Services over IP and MPLS-TP.
100Gbps capacity over MPLS-TP, 14 Gbps over SDH and 40 Mbps over low-speed interfaces. Synchronization over TDM, PTP 1588 and SyncE.


MPLS-TP, SDH and CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet multiplexer with SDH and E1 2 Mbps interfaces and Circuit Emulation Services.
85 Mbps capacity over MPLS-TP, 1.5 Gbps over SDH and 160 Mbps over E1.


PDH multiservice access multiplexer with Circuit Emulation Services over IP and Ethernet. 16 slots for high density interface cards.
128 Mbps capacity over PDH and 16 Gbps over IP and Circuit Emulation Services.


Circuit Emulation Services gateway with 2 slots for low-speed interface cards.
Capacity of 20 Mbps over PDH and 16 Pseudowire circuits.


Range of passive and active DWDM multiplexers for high density optical networks. WDM-1800 active multiplexer with DWDM and OTN for Ethernet, IP, MPLS-TP and SDH services.
6 or 15 interface cards for Transponder, Muxponder, Mux/Demux, amplifier, OTDR and dispersion compensation cards.


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