CXR deploys SDH / MPLS-TP Multiplexers in Sebaco!

CXR deploys SDH / MPLS-TP Multiplexers in Sebaco
and other substations in Nicaragua. 

We look forward to a continued partnership in building and trengthening power infrastructure in Nicaragua.

Find all our products from the MPLS-TP and CE2.0 Multiplexers range: 


  • PT7860A is a MPLS-TP & CE2.0  Packet Transport Network multiplexer with synchronization and TDM SDH/PDH Circuit Emulation Services. 


  • The HX9500R-6U is a modular system with the integrated functions of the powerful HX9400R SDH/SONET system and the versatile TDM/PDH QX3440 multiplexer.


  • This system is evolving to STM16 / OC48 and can work in SDH or SONET mode depending on the software selection and choice of tributary cards

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