The OFL100 OTDR enables the front-line fiber technician to quickly locate loss events in the last mile of the FTTx network.

The convenient touchscreen provides an intuitive interface making it simple for even newly provisioned technicians to locate loss events such as cut fibers, contaminated or damaged connectors, and excessively bent fibers.

reflectometre OTDR

The Auto Mode allows the technician to initiate a measurement without adjusting any test parameters. The Expert OTDR Mode provides access to all features the savvy OTDR technician demands so they can refine measurement parameters enabling them to troubleshoot the most demanding faults. The OFL100 includes an integrated visual fault locator (VFL), stabilized light source (SLS), and optical power meter (OPM).

Results can be displayed using a traditional OTDR trace or linear map with user selectable Pass/Fail analysis. All events are measured, annotated, saved, and exported as an industry standard SOR file that is compliant to GR196 Telcordia standards. The SOR file can be imported into the Trace Viewing program where analysis can be performed, and test results can be saved as a PDF report.


Easy to use one button test Start measurements with the push of one button.

Auto test automatically sets test parameters for optimum test results.


Graphical touchscreen interface is easy to read, even in high ambient light

Measure lengths and fiber defects to quickly locate faults.


Link Viewer annotates the entire fiber link in an easy to interpret Pass/Fail

Cable acceptance reports generate customized reports that include trace signature and fiber events.

Long life battery so you can work longer without recharging - up to 12 hour shift capable.


  • 1310/1550nm

Dynamic Range

  • 26/24dB

Event Deadzone

  • 2.5m

Attenuation Deadzone

  • 8m

Measurement Ranges

  • 500m, 1km, 2km, 4km, 8km, 16km, 32km, 64km and 100km

Pulse Widths

  • 3ns, 5ns, 10ns, 20ns, 30ns, 50ns, 80ns, 160ns, 320ns, 500ns, 800ns, 1µs, 2µs, 3µs, 5µs, 8µs, 10µs and 20µs

Measurement Accuracy

  • ± (1m+Sample interval+0.005%xTest Distance)


  • ≤0.05dB/dB

Loss Resolution                                                

  • 0.001dB

Loss Threshold                                                 

  • 0.20dB

Distance Resolution                                           

  • 0.001m

Refractive Index                                               

  • 1.00000 to 2.00000

Reflection Accuracy                                                      

  • ±3dB

File Format                                                       

  • SOR compliant to Telcordia GR196

Loss Analysis                                                              

  • Four Point & Five Point

Laser Safety                                                                                

  • Class 1M


  • SC/APC (Optional FC Available)

Trace Update Rate                                                       

  • 3Hz

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OFL100-EU   OFL100 with UK and European Power Supplies