LEA-PDA-S337 Telecom Test PDA

An intuitive COPPER or OPTICAL FIBER test and measurement tool

  • VDSL2+
  • (35B, GFAST)
  • TDR
  • OPM
  • VFL
  • Data download
  • Cable Tracker Check Line
  • IPTV Speed Test Barcode Scan
  • Barcode reading speed reading testTest Telecom PDA-337


Android 12

4G, 8 Core CPU, 2GHz

Equipped with management system

Realize intelligent management of engineers, tools and materials

  • Upload the Testing Results to Cloud
  • Install c lient terminal management system
  • Effectively manage the field engineers
  • Replace PC and Smart phone

PDA Mangement Platform

Track statistics: The movement distance and track of personnel can be formed into statistical data
Track Monitoring: Realize real-time monitoring of the current position of personnel and equipment
Device Positioning: Real-time positioning of the current position of the device, providing tracking means when the device is lost (GPS)

  • Construction quality control
  • Employee management
  • Working track view
  • Statistical analysis of data

All functions in one fiber or copper Interface set 


FTTH Troubleshooting

VFL Function
- Stable Red Light
- Help to check the connectivity of the link
- 3 MW

OPM Function
- Support 800nm~1700nm
- High Accuracy, Up to 0.1db
- 10G Power Meter Optional
- 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1577nm test optional

OTDR Function
- Support 1310/1550nm
- Dynamic range 26/24db
- Support Event map

ONU Function
- EPON link info /GPON link info
- ONU State: LOID State/PON State
- ONU Settings: LOID Password/ MAC/SN

IPTV Simulation
- Support HDMI HD
- 4K, HD1080P, HD1080I, HD720P, SD480P, VGA, Auto
- Help troubleshot TV problem

Network Test (Replace PC)

Copper Cable Test

DSL Line Test
- Support ADSL/VDSL/VDSL2/VDSL 35b/G.fast
- Physical Layer Info/ PPPoE Dial/ FTP Client
- Fixative IP /Network Layer Test/Modem Emulation
- PING/VLAN, HLOG,QLN/ Error Code Statistics
- Bit Graph Display /BPT /SNR Data
- Modem Parameter Setting(VPI/VCI)

TDR Function
- Check line mix and break fault
- Auto and manual distance test
- 4km/8km optional

DMM Test
- DC Voltage Test
- AC Voltage Test
- Loop Resistance Test
- Capacitance Test
- Insulation Test

RJ45 Cable Tracker
- Network cable, twisted pair cable, telephone line, USB cable, coaxial cable
- Determine open or short circuit
- Positive and negative of DC voltage
- No less than 3km
- No more than 48V

RJ45 Check Line Sequence
- Support generate network line signal to view the network check line sequence with the receiver
- Easy to operate: determine the line sequence by receiving side lights order

Landline Telephone
- Connector with telephone line
- Can be used as landline