CIP-Serial is a TDM over IP gateway that delivers a Pseudowire connection though an Ethernet / IP network for a synchronous data stream

TDM over IP gateway synchronous

CIP-Serial is a TDM over IP gateway that creates a Pseudowire connection throughout an Ethernet / IP network aimed at emulating a synchronous data link with very low latency and total transparency to data stream structure.

A couple of CIP-Serial products establish a point to point connection over the Ethernet / IP network. It emulates synchronous modem communications and it enables synchronous application migration to an IP / Ethernet network. CIP-Serial delivers Nx 64 kbps connection speeds from 64 kbps to 4.032 Mbps. Clock can be simple or codirectional, and generated by either the local or remote terminal, or internal to emulate synchronous modem operation.

TDM over IP synchronous pseudowire emulation

CIP-Serial delivers an RS530 / DB25 interface that may be set for V35, V36, X21 or RS232 mode. It embeds a Fast Ethernet switch with two RJ45 and one optical SFP ports. The Pseudowire circuit may be secured by Ethernet Trunking. The Ethernet switch enables controls of QoS, VLAN and Provider VLAN.

CIP-Serial excels in its intuitive Web management interface and functions that anticipate network resource reservation and Quality of Service control. Its USB port can achieve automatic configuration backup and upgrades from a memory card.

CIP-Serial is offered with a choice of 110-230 Vac or 24-48 Vdc power input. RS530, V35, X21 or V36 cable is provided with the product.

Serial interface

  • RS530 on a DB25 connector
  • X21/V11, V35, RS232, V36 compatible
  • Data rate: Nx 64 kbps from 64 kbps to 4.032 Mbps
  • Simple or codirectional clock mode: DTE, remote / Slave or internal


  • 2x 10/100BaseT ports, RJ45
  • 1x optical port for 100FX SFP module
  • VLAN 802.1Q, Provider Bridge
  • Trunking
  • QoS

TDM over IP

  • 1x PseudoWire 
  • SAT over Packet: RFC 4553
  • AAL1 over Packet: RFC 5087


  • Management: USB interface, ssh, https, snmp, memory card 
  • Compact desktop format: 170 x 120 x 41 mm
  • Power input: 24 - 48 Vdc or 5 Vdc and external 110-230 Vac converter


  Power input
Serial Interface    5Vdc & 110-230 Vac        24 - 48 Vdc     
X21 - V11 CIP-SE11-V CIP-SE11-C