XP-701 and XP-101 provide Ethernet extension over coax or twisted pair cables with transport of POE over distances up to 800 or 1,000 meters.

XP701 XP101 extension Ethernet avec transport du POE

Ethernet with POE extension over several hundreds meters enable easy and quick deployment of POE powered devices and avoid managing the power supply at the remote site.

XP701 et XP101 déport d'Ethernet et POE

This is a perfect solution in many application cases to connect

  • IP cameras
  • VoIP phones
  • information display
  • RTU, alarm, monitoring systems, etc.

XP-701 and XP101 comply with EN-50121-4 for integration in a railway transport environment

- Ethernet interface : 10/100BT, RJ45

- Line interface : BNC coax or RJ45 for 2 or 4 CAT6 twisted pairs

- XP-701 : 55-57 Vdc power input

- XP-101 : remote power from Master XP-701

- DIP-switch settings : Ethernet speed, POE control, Link-Pass-Through alarm

- Dimensions : 47x94x26.5 mm

XP701 and XP101 extend the Ethernet link over several hundred meters with various POE budget :

XP701 XP101 distance and POE budget

XP-701-R          Master POE Ethernet extender, interface for 2 or 4 CAT6 twisted pairs, 55-57 Vdc power input

XP-101-R          Remote POE Ethernet extender, interface for 2 or 4 CAT6 twisted pairs, remote power from Master XP-701-R

XP-701-B          Master POE Ethernet extender, BNC Coax interface, 55-57 Vdc power input

XP-101-B          Remote POE Ethernet extender, BNC Coax interface, remote power from Master XP-701-B