SWCED-2316  is a ruggedized Gigabit Ethernet switch and Ethernet Demarcation Device that provides 4x 2.5GE SFP ports, 8x Gigabit and 4x Gigabit POE+ ports with IP v4/v6 switching and MEF CE 2.0 Carrier Ethernet services

SWCED-2316 Carrier Ethernet POE

SWCED-2316 is a ruggedized Gigabit Carrier Ethernet switch and EDD in a DIN rail format that provides 4x multi-rate 2.5GE / GE / 100FX SFP slots, 8x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports and 4x Gigabit POE+ ports.

SWCED-2316 provides high connectivity to industry substation or cabinets including 4x POE+ ports for IP camera, IP phone and other POE feeding requirements.

SWCED-2316 delivers a high level of security and availability to mission critical networks that require high immunity against extreme temperatures and electromagnetic disturbances.

SWCED-2316 enables higher bandwidth upscales at lower cost with 2.5 Gigabit uplink capacity. It provides MEF CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet services with strong SLA / QoS and G.8032 Ring Protection but also many security features such as 802.1X authentication and ACL rules.

SWCED-2316 is a compact product with low power consumption and Green Ethernet features. It offers many unique features such as Ethernet cable diagnostics that drastically reduces OPEX


SWCED ERPS G.8032 ring protection

SWCED-2316 is based on last generation Ethernet communication processors and ASIC. It embeds a number of hardware accelerators for wirespeed Ethernet switching and Operation And Maintenance traffic control (OAM). This Service-Aware Architecture provides the SWCE with best performance whatever traffic load and system configuration especialy with large number of VLAN's, ACL rules, Ring protection instances and OAM services.

SWCED-2316 protects your investments with a future-proof solution. With a budget similar to a standard Gigabit product it brings strong benefits:

  • 4x optical SFP ports support 2.5 Gigabit rate on a Carrier Ethernet platform for unequaled performances,
  • MEF CE2.0 (EVC, OAM) functions can be activated by a software license when new required are raised.

With that cost effective approach, you get a very high performance equipment that suits both current and future requirements.

MEF CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet functions give Operator class services and many advantages compared with other technologies:

  • EDD Ethernet Demarcatin Device with 4x NNI interfaces and 12 UNI interfaces with POE+
  • Managed services for point to point and multipoint connections with E-LINE, E-LAN and E-TREE topologies
  • Availability, throughput, latency, QOS are firmly controlled to meet strong SLA
  • Native Ethernet standards for security - authentication, ACL
  • High performance and cost effective technology with easy access to technical skills and resources
  • Native standards for traffic management and Operation And Maintenance functions - OAM


  • 2x  2.5GE / GE / 100FX multi-rate SFP slots
  • 2x  GE / 100FX multi-rate SFP slots
  • 8x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports
  • 4x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports with POE+
  • 1x RS232 console port
  • 1x alarm relay


  • MEF CE2.0 services: E-LINE / E-LAN / E-TREE, 4K EVC, OAM 802.3ah, Y.1731
  • STP, RSTP, MSTP, ERPS G.8032, G.8031
  • 802.1Q VLAN, MVR, GVRP
  • Link aggregation, LACP
  • QoS, Flow Control, Priority Queuing, 8 priority queues per interface, rate limiting
  • IGMP snooping, filtering
  • Packet filtering at 2/3/4 layers, 802.1X, Radius
  • Static IP routing, IP v4 and IP v6
  • LLDP
  • 802.1X, Guest VLAN, Radius, TACACS, ACL
  • Management: telnet, ssh, http, https, snmp v1/v2/v3, web / CLI, syslog, RMON


  • Format : DIN rail mounting
  • Size: 153 x 158 x 65 mm 
  • Operating temperature : -20 to +70 °C
  • Power supply: 24-48 Vdc input

SWCED-2316-P-D       Gigabit Ethernet switch, 8x GE ports and 4x POE+ ports, 4x 2.5GE/GE/FX SFP slots, 24-48 Vdc power input

SWCED-2316-R-D       Gigabit Ethernet switch, 12x GE ports and 4x 2.5GE/GE/FX SFP slots, 24-48 Vdc power input

SWCE-LCE                        MEF Carrier Ethernet CE2.0 activation license for EVC and OAM services