LEA-041 Fiber identifier and VFL emitter

LEA-041 detect the optical signal from the fiber cable without disconnecting the fiber nor disrupting services 

pince de détection de  signal optique LEA-041

LEA-041 detects the optical signal through the coated fiber to deliver several results

  • optical signal detection with the transmission direction
  • optical power 
  • detection of the 270 Hz, 330Hz, 1 or 2 kHz modulation to identify a fiber

LEA-041 is also a 650nm red light VLF emitter for optical default diagnostics.

LEA-041 is a robust handheld equipment with long battery life that brings significant time-savings on field operation.

LEA-041 is a unique solution to perform extremely fast diagnostics and optical power measurements on live fiber without service disruption.

LEA-041 pince de détection du signal optique

LEA-041 induces a minimal bend loss that has no impact on the optical signal transmission and services.

This very compact device is a key tool for fiber network professionals as it performs several functions with incredibely fast operation:

  • signal detection
  • transmission direction detection
  • optical power meter
  • modulation detection for fiber identification
  • 650nm red light VFL source for visual default diagnostics
  • type of Fiber : single-mode, < 3mm
  • Wave length detection : 750 to 1700 nm
  • Insertion loss < 1 dB
  • Sensibility : -30dBm at 1310nm and -35 dBm at 1550nm
  • Accuracy : 1dB
  • VFL : 650nm, 10mW, continuous signal or flashing at 1 or 2 Hz
  • Battery life : 60 hours
  • Weight : 0.2 kg
  • Dimensions : 230 x 48 x 43 mm

LEA-041          Optical fiber identifier with power meter and 650nm VFL emitter