CV200-TTX is an Ethernet Bridge and integrated E1/T1 converter CSU-DSU with clear channel and Nx 64 kbps operations

CV200-TTX is an Ethernet bridge and E1/T1 converter CSU-DSU. It carries Ethernet traffic over a E1 or T1 network access with clear channel and framed Nx 64 / 56 kbps capabilities.  Ethernet frames are encapsulated in a HDLC or PPP-BCP layer that makes it compatible with most E1 and T1 multuplexers. User application data, management and test traffics are isolted into different VLAN's. A compression algorythm raises the Ethernet bandwidth in case of lower speed E1/T1 network availability. 

CV200-TTX is highly manageable via IP protocols and its E1/T1 interface adapts to any network requirement. The Auto Link down function can produce a Ethernet link alarm in case of network failure.



CV200-TTX is used for point-to-point links over any TDM network like Microwave Radio and it is transparent to a VLAN network strategy


CV200-TTX is also used at the edge of TDM E1/T1 network. All links terminated by the CV200-TTX can be connected to a variety of products including all CXR DACS - QX3440, concentrator/inverse multiplexer XM-M16E1 or any router with HDLC or PPP-BPC support


Ethernet Interface

  • 10/100BaseT with auto-rate and auto MDI/MDIX
  • Switching mode Store & Forward with 400 frames buffer,
  • Filtering with memory of 1000 MAC addresses,
  • IP frame compression for WAN bandwidth equal to or less than 256k
  • Transparent to VLAN and 2048 bytes jumbo frame
  • Link alarm function when E1/T1 is down

E1/T1 Interface

  • E1: G703, G704, HDB3, 120 Ohms-RJ45 and 75 Ohms-BNC
  • T1: AMI/B8ZS, 100 Ohms-RJ45, CSU and DSX-1 LBO
  • Clear channel or Nx 64/56 kbps
  • Network or internal clock
  • 110 / 230 Vac or 48 Vdc power input
  • Management: console port, Telnet, SNMP with graphical MIB

CV200-MCE       E1 CSU-DSU, Ethernet over E1, 48 Vdc power input