Transportes de larga distancia Ethernet con gran ancho de banda

With the most stringent requirement of providing absolutely reliable and safe services to their users, traffic and public transportation operators need communication networks that have to demonstrate performance and flexibility, reliability and resilience, manageability and cost effectiveness. Multiple copper pair cables are usually available in such infrastructure and CXR Ethernet First Mile solutions deliver several Megabit Ethernet bandwidth with controlled availability and quality of service over such cables.

long distance Ethernet First Mile provides 30 Mbps over 2 pairs, or 60 Mbps over 4 pairs or even 120 Mbps over 8 copper pairs. It enables very high bandwidth Ethernet networks with point to point, daisy-chain or secured ring topologies for deploying Intelligent Traffic Systems, signaling and control, video surveillance, user information and management services.

Intelligent Traffic Transportation System

7 reasons why SpeederLanBis-GE performs better than others:

  • Performance: 120 Mbps over 8 copper pairs and Gigabit Ethernet over a SFP optical port, predictive and controlled DSL Quality of Service, complete Ethernet protocols and functionalities

  • Full Gigabit Ethernet architecture: all ports and switching engine are Gigabit Ethernet class to ensure best performance and lower latency

  • Flexible topologies: any topology can be performed and each pair can be used alone or as part of an aggregation group in point to point or multipoint

  • Extended connectivity on optical fiber and Ethernet First Mile on copper cables: the gigabit optical interface provides very long distance and high bandwidth Ethernet extension

  • 8 port mini-DSLAM: 1-to-8 mode enable connection to 8 remote equipment or multipoint bus made of CopperWay-Bis

  • Two redundant 24 – 48 Vdc power supplies

  • Extensive management functionalities: CXR products provide all network management protocols – snmp v3, SSH, Https, and also a very intuitive web interface


Read the white paper : How to leverage on the High Speed Ethernet capability of existing copper cables