Sistemas de transporte inteligentes, control de semáforos

Most cities own copper cables that connect Traffic Light Controllers to a control center via multidrop modems. CXR CopperWay-Bis products leverage on existing cables and deliver several MegaBit per second throughput at these controller sites. They emulate multidrop modem operation for truly straight forward migration.

Intelligent Traffic Transportation System

This solution brings many benefits

  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX in using existing copper cables
  • Connect to both RS232 and Ethernet controllers
  • Enable new applications thanks to several MegaBit per second bandwidth per copper pair
  • Connect multiple services at the controller site : traffic light controller, information display, traffic counter, gate control, cabinet door detection, alarm signal, video-surveillance  
  • Network access for maintenance engineers
  • Secured network through VLAN and authentication
  • Quality of Service well suited to mix of services such as traffic control and sporadic streams
  • RSTP network resilience and CXR specific DSL security circuit
  • Comprehensive management and troubleshooting functions
  • Qualified with many vendors of Intelligent Traansport Systems