DCI/OTN MuxPonder-5000-1 is an optoelectronic integrated WDM transmission platform DCI 1U

Designed for Data Centre Interconnect (DCI), features high integration (optoelectronic integration), large bandwidth (25.6Tbits / Fiber), simple deployment (no complicated tuning), easy operation and maintenance (NETCONF / YANG) and safety and reliability.

It can meet the rapidly growing bandwidth demand between DCs, achieve flexible deployment of equipment, create an open optical network architecture and lead the DCI market into a new era of high-speed all-optical interconnection.


DCI/OTN Platform MuxPonder-5000-1

Main System: 

Product Name



CWDM / DWDM System MuxPonder-5000-2 400G, 200G, 100G, 40G, 25G, 10G, 2.5G
DCI / OTN System MuxPonder-5000-1 400G, 200G, 100G, 10G
5G Fronthaul WDM System Semi-Active / Passive 25G, 10G
OLS Open Line System MuxPonder-5000-OLS Any
Integrated DWDM System MuxPonder-5000 P 100G, 10G
Aggregation and Distribution System ST-X48C6, ST32C 100G, 10G


Product Name



Network Management System OTNS2000 Web, NMS, GUI
Optical Amplifier System OA, VOA EDFA, OEO, Raman, SOA
Optical Protection System OLP, OBP 1+1, 1:1
Optical Dispersion Compensation DCM, TDCM 5~120km
Passive Mux / Demux System TFF, AWG 4~ 96 CHs
OADM (Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer) FOADM, ROADM 2 directions, 9 directions
Optical Monitoring OCM, OTDR Optical channel / line monitoring
Optical Transceiver   CFP2, QSFP28, QSFP+, SFP28, SFP+, SFP



  • Adopt optoelectronic integrated, pluggable modular design; components support hot-plugging, deploy and expand on demand.
  • Front-air and rear-air cooling design,1+1 FRU fan units available, automatic speed adjustment supported.
  • 19" / 800mm depth cabinet can be installed, suitable for data center rooms and can be deployed with IT equipment in common cabinets.
  • Transmission capacity up to 25.6Tbit/s per pair @ C+ band 400G*64λ, up to 1.6 Tbit/s per subrack.
  • Single wave capacity up to 400G, continuous evolution towards 600G & 800G & 1.2T.
  • Optical layer card highly integrated with OA, WSS, VOA, OSC, OTDR, OCM, OLP, etc. to simplify internal fiber connectivity.
  • Supports 10GE, 100GE, 100GE FlexE (Unware), 400GE, STM-64, 10GE WAN, OTU2, OTU4 and other service access.
  • Supports 9-degree ROADM networking and FlexGrid.
  • Supports comprehensive performance monitoring and quality visibility at the service, OTN and optical layers.
  • Provides multiple multi-layer network-level and device-level protection solutions. Protection reversal delay<50ms, ensuring superior protection performance.
  • Supports NETCONF/YANG standard open interface and GUI management platform based on B/S architecture.

Small network: single platform with high density optical layer card + electrical layer card for point-to-point networks.

MuxPonder-5000-2 Small Network


Medium / large network:stacking of multiple electrical layers + multi-degree ROADM to form a ring network.

MuxPonder-5000-2 Medium / Large network





Chassis Dimensions (H x W x D) 1U: 44 mm (H)×444 mm (W)×490 mm (D)
Maximum capacity 1.6Tbit/s
Number of service card slots 4
Applicable cabinets 19" cabinet 800mm or deeper
Line-side port Rate

200G (PDM_QPSK) 

200G (PDM_8QAM) 

200G (PDM_16QAM) 

400G (PDM_16QAM) 

Optical module Pluggable SFP+, QSFP28
Client-side port Service type 10GE, 100GE, 100GE FlexE(Unware), 400GE, OTU2, OTU4, STM-64 and 10GE WAN
Optical module Pluggable SFP+, QSFP28
Max. number of wavelengths Fixed grid: 96 wavelengths @50 GHz
Channel spacing Fixed grid: 50 GHz / 75 GHz / 100 GHz / 150 GHz
Central frequency range 191.35 GHz ~ 196.1 GHz
Central wavelength range 1528.77 nm ~ 1566.73 nm
Protection function

Optical line protection (OLP)

Optical multiplexed segment protection (OMSP)

Optical channel protection (OCHP)

Network management

Supports main controller 1+1 backup

Supports CLI, NETCONF and B/S based GUI management platform

Support OSC based DCN communication

Power supply Back-up Standard CRPS power supply 1+1 backup

Rated voltage range:

100 V AC~130 V AC (50/60Hz)   

200 V AC~240 V AC (50/60Hz)

Max. voltage range: 90 V AC~264 V AC (45Hz~65Hz)


Rated voltage range: 240 V HVDC

Max. voltage range: 192 V HVDC~288 V HVDC


Rated voltage range: -48 V DC/-60 V DC

Max. voltage range: -40 V DC~-72 V DC

Heat dissipation

Front inlet air and rear outlet air

1+1 Fan units backup

Typical power consumption Consumption: < 550W (Electric layer full match) 
Environment Operating temperature Short-term: -5℃~+45℃; Long-term: 0℃~40℃ 
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Humidity  5%~95% (no condensation)


MuxPonder-5000-1 1U DCI chassis (44 mm (H)×444 mm (W)×490 mm (D), 4 services slots, 1 main controller, dual AC/HVDC/DC powers, 1+1 backup auto speed fans,1 CONSOLE and 3 ETH management ports, full power consumption <550W, suitable for 19’’ cabinet 800mm or deeper )