CIP-401 solves the PSTN switch-off issues

CIP-401 converter

extends the operation of systems that rely on modem communications over the Public Switched Telephone Network PSTN.

  • Utility networks, energies, water
  • Alarm systems
  • Elevators
  • Medical systems
  • Defense
  • Telemetry, counters
  • ATM and other automatic systems

Legacy PSTN worldwide   

operators are discontinuing the legacy PSTN worldwide with various deadlines.

That migration to an all-IP network creates critical issues for long-lasting systems in mission critical networks that need to extend such modem and PSTN communications for several years.

Smooth migration to IP  

CIP-401 enables a smooth migration to IP for those applications with several benefits:

  • Transparent migration for remote systems: CIP-401 emulates the PSTN for incoming and outgoing calls and also the modem connection to the central site. No change is required on the remote system.
  • Best use of the IP bandwidth: thanks to its embedded modem, CIP-401 transmits useful data only and not the analog signal.
  • Full IP Information System at central site.
  • Communication over any IP network: CIP-401 is compatible with fiber opic, 4G/5G, MPLS networks and IP v4 or v6 protocols.
  • Secure communications: CIP-401 embeds many cybersecurity features including IPSec IKE v2 tunnels, X509 certificates with SCEP management.
  • Secure system: CIP-401 becomes a black-box after installation to prevent from any IP attack.
  • Fast integration and deployment: CIP-401 is a ruggedized and compact product designed for easy integration in any environment.

4G router 

CIP-401 works well with CXR 4G routers that respond to most stringent cybersecurity requirements (secure-element, secure-boot, IPSec IKEv2, Radius, SCEP X.509) to secure communications and access to critical remote systems. 


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