Public Switched Telephone Network migration over IP


The public telephone network is being discontinued since technology obsolescence and European telecoms rules.

Many applications were designed for PSTN communications based on asynchronous protocols and ITU-T V21/V22/V23/V32 modems : telemetry, alarms, substation communications, etc.

CIP-401 converter is aimed at maintaining existing services over current IP networks

CIP-401 PSTN to IP migration

CIP-401 is a modem to IP converter that emulates the PSTN for incoming and outgoing calls (ring signal and dialing) and that embeds a multimode modem to emulate the modem pool that was located in the information or control center. 

IP communication is optimised to carry only the asynchronous protocol data over an application encapsulation layer.

CIP-401 provides secured communications over the IP network through a 4G router for example, such as RTDI-451 that is designed for utility substation communications.