Ethernet and RS232 distribution over fiber and pilot cables in 20 kV substations

Transport and distribution Utility substations have often used multi-pair pilot cables for telemetry and control communications to RTU / SCADA, counters, protection relays and such equipment. Low speed multi-drop modems were used over these cables but performance could not enable any Ethernet and IP protocol upgrade.

CopperWay-Bis-HV product is a Gigabit Ethernet switch with an optical and two Ethernet First Mile SHDSL-Bis interfaces that are specially designed for the 20 kV utility networks. It builds drop-insert and secured Ring topologies to deliver four Ethernet and one RS232 ports to connect substation equipment.

This solution brings many benefits

  • Leverage on existing cables and reduce CAPEX of Ethernet / IP upgrades
  • Several MegaBit per Second bandwidth over existing copper cables
  • 10 kV isolation to connect in 20 kV power environments
  • Access point for several RTU and metering equipment through four Ethernet and one RS232 ports
  • SHDSL-Bis copper cable and fiber optic communication media
  • Network access for maintenance engineers
  • Drop-insert bus or secured Ring topologies
  • Specific copper line security circuit to increase fault resiliency
  • Exhaustive management and diagnostic functions
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs thanks to a very integrated design