The VDP2 VDSL modem enables 100 Mbps Ethernet extension on a single telephony copper line


VDP2 provides long reach Ethernet at 100 Mbps speed over a telephony copper pair line according to the VDSL2 G993.2 industry standard.

Maximum speed depends on the line length between 100 Mbps for a 300 meter line to 5 Mbps on a 3 km line. A Master and a Slave modems are required to stablish a connection and this seletion is defined by a simple product setting. Modems share the line with the voice frequency band in inserting a Splitter. The VDP2 can also be set to share the line with the ISDN frequency band.

VDP2 delivers 2 or 4 Ethernet interfaces. It comes as a compact metallic enclosure that fits any industry integration requirement including DIN rail mounting.



VDP2 extends the Ethernet network over a telephony copper line. The voice service requires a DSL / voice Splitter.

Product reference 

  • VDP2-2TTX  :  VDSL2 CPE modem, 2x Ethernet ports, 110-230 Vac mains adapter
  • VDP2-2TTX-SR  : VDP2-2TTX modem with a voice / DSL Splitter
  • VDP2-I-4TTX  :  VDSL2 CPE modem, 4 Ethernet ports, industry grade with DIN rail mounting, 12-48 Vdc power input
  • VDP2-I-4TTX-AC  : VDP2-I-4TTX modem with a 110-230 Vac mains adaptor