The new PoE++ 802.3bt SWM-5700-P switch

Adapt to new standards with the CXR SWM-5700-P Switch 

To meet your requirements, SWM-5700-P Series is a CXR-developed multigigabit Ethernet PoE switch oriented for the next generation IP metropolitan area network, large campus network, and enterprise network.

Available in 8 POE++ ports (90w), this 802.3bt (90w) switch is the solution. It allows you to connect WIFI 6 and PTZ type cameras.

This high-performance L2/L3 and L4 level switch includes services such as IPv6, network security allowing long-term WIFI and CCTV deployment.

SWM-5700-P series is widely used in high-end WiFi6 deployment, internet cafes, hotels and high-speed enterprise networks.

The SWM-5700-P series includes 2 models: SWM-5700-P-8EP4X and SWM-5700-P-24EP6X.


Please contact CXR for more information.