SWCE-3232R - 10 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Switch

SWCE-3232R - 10 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Access & Aggregation Switch



SWCE-3232 is a 10 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet switch that delivers 4x 10GE uplinks, 4x 2.5GE/GE and 2 Gigabit accesses with CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet services:
• 4x 10GE / GE SFP+
• 2x 2.5GE / GE SFP
• 2x GE SFP
• 24x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports
• CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet high performance architecture
• Layer 3 routing and OSPF protocol
• Feature rich software

SWCE-3232 helps operators and industry networks to extend to higher 10GE and 2.5GE bandwidth within an affordable approach that best preserves long term investments and reduces OPEX costs. It provides CE2.0 Carrier Ethernet Services with Layer 3 routing capabilities to aggregate traffics from up to 24 Gigabit interfaces to 4x 10GE uplink ports.
It embeds hardware accelerated functionalities for network security and resiliency including ERPS, 802.1X and ACL but also extensive Operation And Maintenance features to provide mission critical networks with best performance under most stringent conditions.


SWCE-3232 is an ideal Carrier Ethernet switch to the following networking requirements :
• Carrier Ethernet network access and aggregation: thanks to its CE2.0 architecture and high port density
• Utility, Smart City and Transport infrastructures : thanks to its industry grade design, best performances and very high reliability to enable high bandwidth, scalability, reliability and support legacy services through PseudoWire Emulation
• Video-protection : thanks to its high port density, 10GE uplink ports and extensive IGMP features
• Security sensitive networks : thanks to its extensive security features - ACL, firewall, 802.1X, Radius and TACACS authentications,Inauguration in presence of Mme the Prime Minster of Serbia.


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