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CopperWay-Bis-GE & SpeederLan-Bis-GE

CXR DSL products deployed in the Paris area highway

The wide Paris area is covered by freeways with a total length of 600 km that are managed by the SIRIUS Information Technology system supporting many services including Variable Message Display, emergency services, video-surveillance, traffic control and monitoring. Sirius IT system is very critical in this extremely dense traffic area.

The Sirius network leverages on an existing infrastructure of copper cables and new fiber optic cables. In this context, CXR Ethernet First Mile equipment were selected to provide an Ethernet network supporting the multiple Sirius services.

CXR Ethernet First Mile solutions were selected for their outstanding performance in those critical environments, for their versatility and easy operation, their security and resilience features, and for their added values in such multiservice network.

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