SD-WAN communications with various telecoms link aggregation

RTDi-714 router and its SD-WAN services are aimed at improving a lot the situation of users and applications that suffer a poor quality Internet access. That is  the case where optical fiber is not yet available or where ADSL connection is weak.

RTDI-714 SD-WAN router performs the aggregation of several telecom links from different operators with various bandiwdth and quality of service to a cloud datacenter communication platform. 

Service SD-WAN

The aggregation algorithm adapts the traffic load over each telecom access at a byte level which brings several key benefits:

  • each telecom link is used at its full capacity to get the higher aggregated bandwidth
  • this method provides also much lower end to end latency than routers based on packet algorithms
  • the algorithm adapts to the speed and quality variations of each telecom link which delivers a perfectly stable quality of service to sensitive application such as video stream and video conferencing
  • there is no way to interpret data passing over each telecom link with raises significantly the security of communications and applications

The RTDi-714 SD-WAN router solves the issues of poor quality Internet access in many cases :

  • Aggregation of ADSL and 4G links : multiple stores organisations, bank and insurance agencies, home-office, etc.
  • Aggregation of multiple 4G connections : roaming systems, events, etc.

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