LEA-422 optical reflectometer OTDR

LEA-422 is an cost-effective and compact optical OTDR that is aimed at supporting field operations of industry networks and GPON/FTTH/FTTO telecoms operators.

reflectormetre optique OTDR LEA-422

LEA-422 provide fast and high accuracy measurements of single-mode fiber issues over dozens of km.

It defines the exact location and nature of fiber events such as connectors, splices, stress, etc. to enable efficient diagnostics and maintenance operations.

It embeds smart software algorithms that perform event analysis to determine the nature of the events.

LEA-422 is a very versatile, compact, cost-effective product that provide fast and easy operation:

  • OTDR : fiber default location, measurement, analysis
  • High-accuracy optical power meter : -70 to +10 dBm input range
  • Optical source : 1310 and 1550 nm wave length
  • 650nm red light VFL emitter for visual fault diagnostics 
  • Ethernet cable tester : continuity, impairement and length measurement, cable detection from a modulation signal detection

LEA-422 OTDR is a key test and measurement equipment when complex defaults appear on the fiber link or when accurate fiber qualification is required.

It provides a graphical interface with detailed results for measurements over dozens of km that suits most industry networks and GPON/FFTH/FTTO service providers.

LEA-422 OTDR reflectometre optique graphique

Event analysis provides clear diagnostics on splices, connectors or fiber defaults to make more efficient and faster maintenance operations

  • Single-mode fiber
  • Wave length : 1310 and 1550 nm
  • Range : 24 and 26 dB at 1310 and 1550 nm
  • Distance range : 0.5 to 100 km
  • Pulse width : 3ns to 20µs
  • Sampling : 128 000 points
  • Optical power meter : 850 to 1650 nm
    • input range : -70 to +10 dBm
    • Modulatiohn detection 
  • Optical source : 1310 and 1550 nm, -5 dBm, continuous signal or modulation
  • 650nm red light FVL source, 10mw, continuous signal continu or flashing 1/2 Hz
  • Ethernet cable tester : length, continuity, impairement, detection of a mudulated signal for cable identification 
  • Operation : 12 hours
  • Weight : 0.5 kg
  • Dimensions : 173 x 109 x 45 mm

LEA-422                Optical reflectometer OTDR, range 24/26 dB

LEA-BA1000SM   Launch fiber cable, G.652D, 1,000 m