CXR developed several ranges of products aimed at serving various Utility requirements in the production, transport and distribution networks. Our products are designed and qualified according to the IEC-61850 standard for the Utility Substations. Some products are designed for 20 kV environments operation.

Gamme de produits pour l'Energie

IEC-61850 communications with PTP and HSR/PRP services

Electric substation communications are now based on IEC-61850 standard that requires PTP high accuracy synchronisation and HSR/PRP zero packet loss protocols. For better versatility, SWMM-H-9628 is a modular Ethernet switch dedicated to IEC-61850 communications
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Public Switched Telephone Network migration over IP

Telecom operators are discontinuing the Public Switched Telephone Network PSTN with critical impacts on utility services such as telemetry and substation control. Communications based on PSTN require a modem to IP converter for continuing services.
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4G/5G connectivity for the Smart-Grids

Smart Grid development and interactions with Smart Cities require converging and secured access to control and metering systems throughout the Utility network. 4G/5G network ubiquity gives access to those substations even where other communication media are not available - fiber or copper lines.
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Multiservice SONET / SDH multiplexers and E1/T1 DACS for the Utility Substations

CXR multiplexers are key infrastructure Transport and Distribution network equipment. SONET / SDH multiplexers enables high speed and resilient backbone networks with 155 Mbps to 10 Gbps bandwidth, OC-3 / STM-1 to OC-192 / STM-64. Substation multiplexers and channel-banks provide all required...
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Ethernet and RS232 distribution over fiber and pilot cables in 20 kV substations

Transport and distribution Utility substations have often used multi-pair pilot cables for telemetry and control communications to RTU / SCADA, counters, protection relays and such equipment. Low speed multi-drop modems were used over these cables but performance could not enable any Ethernet and...
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From 10 GigE Carrier Ethernet backbone to the remote POE+ switch

Utility networks were based on synchronous communications such as SONET/SDH or E1/T1 multiplexers which sustainability becomes questionable since product obsolescence, lack of scalability and security, poor flexibility for newer applications, new engineer skills, etc. CXR helps Ethernet...
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Voice frequency channel emulation over IP

Utility infrastructures have voice frequency communication networks for engineering and maintenance organization as well as for connecting RTU equipment that embeds a 300 - 3,400 Hz voice frequency modem.  Such Analog Leased Line and Voice Frequency services are discontinued by Telecom operators...
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Outdoor Ethernet wireless bridging

CXR WIFI bridges connect remote stations that have no ground network access. They are designed for outdoor operation thanks to a waterproof enclosure and an extended operating temperature range. It is easy to install and get started solution. WOAP WIFI Access Points are available with 2.4 GHz...
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