Copper to fiber Ethernet Media Converter


FOC is a plug-and-play Ethernet Media Converter. Its operation is defined by some micro-switches. The optical interface may be either fixed or a pluggable SFP module.

FOC runs as a transparent fixed speed Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet converter (100BaseT to 100FX or 1000BaseT to 1000SX/LX) or as a 2 ports store and forward switch with rate adaptation (10/100BaseT or 10/100/1000BaseT).

The 'Link Alarm' feature shuts down the copper interface when the optical link is off, or vice-versa, shuts down the optical interface when the copper interface is disconnected.

As pure fixed speed converter, the FOC provides a 200 Mbps or 2,000 Mbps full duplex bandwidth and supports Jumbo frames up to 9,216 Bytes. The FOC is VLAN transparent in all modes.

The FOC is powered from an external 110/230 Vac to 5 Vdc adapter or an optional 48 Vdc to 5 Vdc converter.


The FOC interconnects two Ethernet devices with media and rates conversion


The FOC interconnects a distant station or remote LAN section to the main LAN and acts as a long reach optical modem


FOC products can fit into a RACK-MEDIA16 chassis that holds 16 modules. This chassis provides single or dual power supply modules and 3 fans for converter cooling.



Product references

FOC-TGTX-SFP 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000SX/LX/ZX with optical SFP module. CXR offers a broad range of SFP modules, Multimode 850 nm (500 m distance) or 1310 nm (2 km), Single Mode (10 to 80 km), WDM and CWDM optical interfaces

FOC-TTX-FX-MM: 10/100BaseT to 100FX multimode for 2 km, SC connector
FOC-TTX-FX-MM-ST: 10/100BaseT to 100FX multimode for 2 km, ST connector
FOC-TTX-FX-SMvv: 10/100BaseT to 100FX single-mode for vv km, SC connector
FOC-TGTX-GSX: 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000SX multimode for 500 m, SC connector
FOC-TGTX-GLX-SMvv: 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000LX single-mode for vv km, SC connector

FOC-TGTX-USFP         10/100/1000BaseT to an optical SFP module at 100FX or Gigabit speed
FOC-USFP-USFP         two optical SFP modules at 100FX or Gigabit speeds

Single fiber, or WDM converters: WDM products work in pair, one unit is W13 (with 1310 nm TX) ad the other unit is W15 (with 1550 nm TX).

FOC-xxx-xxx-SMvvW13: Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet converter, single-mode and single fiber with 1310 nm transmitter
FOC-xxx-xxx-SMvvW15: Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet converter, single-mode and single fiber with 1550 nm.transmitter


DCDC-FOC-48V: 48 Vdc to 5 Vdc converter
DIN-FOC: DIN rail mounting kit for FOC or FOCI converter
RACK19-1FOCx: Half rack 19'' 1U for FOC or FOCI converter