TiemPo 6400

TiemPo 6400 is a very high accuracy Timing and Synchronization System with 64 outputs, two GPS receivers and options for Rubidium and OCXO oscillators

systeme de synchronisation SSU et reference de temps GPS 

TiemPo 6400 is a network timing and synchronization system with multiple GPS, PRS and E1/T1 inputs. It produces up to 64 clock outputs for timing a synchronous network such as E1/T1 or SONET/SDH. It provides controls over clock source priorities and qualities to deliver the best synchronization to the network elements.

TiemPo 6400 is also a PRS source and universal timer NTP/SNTP server thanks to two redundant GPS receivers that enable PRS Strtum 1 traceability.

TiemPo 6400 is a modular design that can deliver up to 64 clock outputs. It has five reference clock inputs, PRS, E1/T1 and GPS. A Synchronizaton Monitor option measures the quality of 5 clock inputs trough TIE, MTIE and Jitter measurements.

TiemPo 6400 embeds one or two Rubidium and/or OCXO oscillators that maintain the sycnchronization accuracy over more than 48 hours. It has two 48 Vdc power inputs. It is managed from its local RS232 console port or from the Ethernet / IP network with TL-1 commands, SNMP and a user friendly Web interface.  TiemPo is a new generation Timing System that deliver Ethernet / IP synchronization with NTP / SNTP protocols.


  • 2x slots for GPS receiver cards
  • 1x 5/10 MHz PRS input
  • 2x E1/T1 inputs
  • 1 or 2x OCXO or Rubidium oscillators
  • Accuracy:  GPS: 10-12 / Rubidium : 10-11 / OCXO : 10-10


  • 8x slots for output cards
  • 8x output cards: E1/T1, 1pps, 5/10 MHz, IRIG-B
  • 2x Ethernet ports, management and NTP/SNTP


  • ETSI format: 432 x 300 x 133 mm
  • ANSI format: 432 x 300 x 89 mm 
  • Power supply: 2x  24-48 Vdc power inputs
  • Operating temperature range: -10 to +50 °C