SFP-VDSL is a VDSL2 modem that inserts into most Ethernet network equipment


SFP-VDSL module inserts in a SFP slot of a network equipment. It provides Ethernet switch, router or gateway with the VDSL2 high speed connexion over a single pair of copper.

The SFP-VDSL-TELCO module connects to the DSLAM of an Internet Service Provider at speeds up to 300 Mbps. It avoids specific VDSL access equipment and enables best choice of gateway for both consumer and enterprise subscribers.


SFP-VDSL-Telco module connects subscriber network equiment to the Internet provider DSLAM at speed up to 300 Mbps




  • G.993.2
  • G.994.1
  • G.997.1
  • SFP-VDSL-Telcom : G.inp G.998.4 and G.vector G.993.5


  • Gigabit
  • Standard MSA 

Power consumption: 2.3 W

Operating temperature: -20 to +75 °C

SFP-VDSL-TELCO     VDSL2 SFP module to connect to an Internet provider DSLAM