SeriaLAN is an Ethernet Bridge with a synchronous RS530 / RS232 / V35 / X21 serial WAN interface for speed up to 8 Mbps 


SeriaLan carries Ethernet through a point to point WAN serial link and a synchronous RS232, RS530, V35 or X21 interface. Ethernet frames are filtered on destination addresses and transported into a HDLC protocol.

SeriaLAN connects to a WAN link at up to 8 Mbps speed. It performs data compression for speeds lower than 256 kbps to increase the Ethernet bandwidth.

WAN interface

  • DB25 socket, DTE
  • RS530, RS232, V35, X21
  • Maximum speed: 8 Mbps

Ethernet interface 

  • 10/100BaseT

Ethernet Bridge 

  • 802.1d filtering bridge
  • HDLC transport layer
  • Data comression up to 256 kbps


  • Telnet and local console port, user friendly menus

Power supply

  • 5 Vdc input and external 110-230 Vac mains adapter