This QX3440 large card support 4 E1/T1 or 4 x 31 TS 64kbps TDM backplane to encapsulate in maximum 64 PseudoWire to cross PSN network, This card provides to the QX3440 the interconnection of chassis over Ethernet networks and interconnect TDM network over PSN New Generation Networks. The card is compatible with all CIP and IMX of the CXR range and all RFC PW compliant system from other vendors.


The QX3440 concentrate voice analogue flows, synchronous and asynchronous serial datas, dry contact …. within TDM links. The QX3440-TDMoE card is encapsulating TDM links into PseudoWire (PW) or bundle to be carried over Ethernet/IP/MPLS pipes to the next TDM environment.

This card supports CESoPSN, SAToP and AAL1 (TDMoIP/E) with full compliance to the RFC.

The QX3440-TDMoE is routing PW over two Combo Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports together with traffic of the two 10/100/1000Baset LAN ports. The Layer2 switch integrates both traffics with QoS in order to preserve the PW links over the WAN.