MD42xx 2 wire version from 64 Kbps to 2.3 Mbps
MD44xx 2/4 wire version from 64 Kbps to 4.6 Mbps

The MD-4000 is a new generation of modem which has been developed for local loop extensions or for customer application such as voice, leased line and data extension. It also includes the transport of Point-to-Point serial interfaces X21/V35/V28, Telecom’s interfaces MIC E1/T1, ISDN E1-PRI or S0/T0 BRI, or to extend a LAN over one or two pair of copper.


The MD42ET and MD44ET are deployed over European ETSI E1 networks and American ANSI T1 networks meeting the G.703/G704 network requirements. Impedance is either 75 or 120 Ohms and the physical interfaces include BNC and RJ45.

The MD42ET and MD44ET are particularly convenient for Telco’s local loop and can be provided with 4 wires repeaters powered over the line from the central office.

The MD42ET and MD44ET are used to interconnect PBX or to extend the E1-MIC/PRI Telco connection to the PBX at a very reasonable cost.


The MD4230 & MD4430 transports synchronous links at a rate from 64 Kbps to 2.3 Mbps over one copper pair or 4.6 Mbps on 2 copper pair. The MD4x30 can connect to any type of data terminal equipment such as routers, switches, codec etc…. These interfaces can be user defined in software and an adaptation cable is provided to change RS-530, X21, V35 or V28 with DB25 cables to DB15 or M34, DB37 with DCE or DTE mode support.

The MD4x30 can also interface with the E1/T1 MD4xET and provide a conversion from E1 to Vxx interface plus a line extension.

The MD44FT provides Ethernet or LAN extension with 4 wires up to 4.6 Mbps and up to 17km at 384kbps, over 9/10mm copper.

The MD44FT is compatible in a 2 or 4 wire mode with the SWM-24GS-2TTXconcentrator or QX3440 TDM multiplexer and with all models of the CXR CopperLANand SpeederLAN G.SHDSL modems.

The MD44EX is a Combo modem which embodies all three terminal interface options E1/T1, RS-530/X21/V35/V28 and Ethernet. The interfaces are user selectable. This optimise the inventories of large organisations.

The MD424B and MD444B provide the extension of 4 ISDN basic access S0/T0 or BRI over one or two copper pair up to 10 Km (6.21 miles) over AWG 26 cable. This equipment is deployed to extend the connection of a PBX but also to deploy H320 video conferencing or telephone when the distance is too long for BRI. One of the modems connected to the PBX or the Telco connector (TNR) is set up as a TE the other device at the other hand is set up as a NT face to TE equipments PBX/router/phones. This modem will transport B and D channels with all services from any Telco.

The MD4000 product family provides for the maximum utilization of your copper plan with excellent circuit performance.

Rate with
1 pair
Rate with
2 pairs
Distance Km
Distance Km
Distance Km
192 Kbps 384 kbps 7,5 9,9 17,2
512 Kbps 1024 kbps 6,1 8,1 14,0
1024 Kbps 2048 Kbps 4,9 6,5 11,2
1536 Kbps 3072 Kbps 4,4 5,9 10,2
2048 Kbps 4096 Kbps 4,1 5,5 9,5
2304 Kbps 4608 Kbps 4,0 5,3 9,1


Mains specification are:

  • G.SHDSL modem 2 and 4 wires full duplex,
  • Conform to G.SHDSL, G.HS, UIT-T G.991-2, ETSI 101 524,
  • 2 wires: Automatic rate adaptation from 200 Kbps up to 2.3 Mbps
  • 4 wires: Automatic rate adaptation from 400 Kbps up to 4.6 Mbps
  • Versions : synchronous n 64kbps from 64kbps ( RS-530, X21, V35, V24/V28), Ethernet, E1/T1, 4xBRI (RNIS So),Combo E1/T1/Ethernet/RS-530-X21-V35-V28,
  • Conversion E1-G704 to serial RS-530/X21/V35/V28,
  • Interface G.703 interfaces : set up E1/ T1, long/short Haul, 75/120/100ohms
  • Ethernet bridge 10/100 BaseT for administration,
  • Repeater 4 wire,
  • Metal box or rack card 19’’ for AMS16-PS16,
  • Power supply: AC or 48 Vdc, 12-36 Vdc,
  • Administration of stand alone console port, TCP-IP, Telnet, SNMP or with MX-MFG Windows GUI,
  • Option alarm relay