This newest generation G.SHDSL/G.SHDSL.Bis modem is very economical and designed to deploy voice or leased line circuits in a wire Telco environment or with a Mobile Telco to interconnect BTS to BCS or MSC or all PMR infrastructures.


The MD400-E1T1 transport E1/T1 G.703 2 Mbps/1.5Mbps circuit, for voice (E1-CAS, E1-R1, E1-PRI, T1-CAS, T1-PRI), and data services such as A-Bis for GSM/GPRS.

The MD400-E1T1 can interface with a MD-4000 serial modem to distribute 2Mbps serial X21/V35/RS530, E1/T1 or Ethernet.

The MD-400-E1T1 operates over one or two copper pairs to reach longer distance.

The MD-400-E1T1 accepts a 64 Kbps rate adaptation in order to reach longer distance with less bandwidth. On 0.4 mm copper wire, the MD-400-E1 transmits a 2.048 Kbps link up to 4.2 km distance and 192 Kbps link up to 7.4 km.

The user interface of the MD-400-E1T1 can be set at E1-2.048 Kbps unframed or T1 – 1.544 Kbps unframed or framed G704 w/o CRC and a TS offset when the rate is below 2.048 Kbps.

G.SHDSL link terminated at one end by a MD-400-E1 can be concentrated at a central site with an AMS16 and 8 MD44ET cards or in the DACS QX3440 with G.SHDSL card. This card can be power line fed from a MD400-E1T1 modem.

The MD-400-E1 is available with an AC external power supply and an internal DC48v or with a power feeding option from the copper line.

The MD400-E1 is delivered in injected plastic box with Din rail and wall mounting capabilities.


Mains specifications:

  • 2 and 4 wire G.SHDSL Modem full duplex,
  • Conform to G.SHDSL, G.SHDSL.Bis, G.HS, UIT-T G.991-2, ETSI 101 524,
  • Rate Adaptation nx64 Kbps up to 2.048 Mbps,
  • G703/G704 with possible offset of 1st TS
  • Interface: E1 120ohms/ RJ45, E1 75ohms/BNC and T1 100ohms/RJ45,
  • Long / short haul modem,
  • Compatible G.SHDSL MD4000 range,
  • Compatible with QX3440 DACS,
  • Regenerator 2 or 4 pair
  • AC w/ adapter,
  • 48 Vdc and power feed by DSL link from QX3440 or external box MD-TELPOWER,
  • Set up per Dip-switch or consol port,
  • Alarm relay output.