FOCIR cards are transparent or store and forward media converters for copper to fiber and fiber to fiber conversion. The FOCIR card is part of the AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP intelligent system which performs the in-band management of the remote FOCI converter.



The management capabilities makes the optical Ethernet converter a valuable solution for large industry networks and FTTC / FTTB carrier applications.

Management features include copper port speed, duplex mode, MDI/MDIX, 1 Mbps step rate limiting settings, broadcast storm filtering and local / remote test loop. A 9 group RMON monitor delivers Ethernet traffic statistics - frame size, traffic and error counters.

The FOCIR card can also be set from DIP switches.

The AMS-MEDIA16 with FOCIR converters deliver several advantages compared to optical options of Ethernet switches and routers, such as cost, power management and cooling, optical link control, test and maintenance.

The AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP and FOCIR / FOCI converters are versatile solutions to satisfy the various end user network requirements. The extensive management features provide the network manager with all control and monitoring of the physical port activation, per port rate limiting, broadcast filtering and traffic statistics.

Copper to fiber, store and forward converter card:

FOCIR-TTX-FX-MM : 10/100BaseT to 100FX, multi-mode 2 km, SC connector,

FOCIR-TTX-FX-MM-ST : 10/100BaseT to 100FX, multi-mode 2 km, ST connector,

FOCIR-TTX-FX-SMvv : 10/100BaseT to 100FX, single-mode (vv) 30 to 100 km, SC connector,

FOCIR-TGTX-GSX : 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000SX, multi-mode 500 m, SC connector,

FOCIR-TGTX-GLX-SMvv : 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000LX, single-mode (vv) 20 or 40 km, SC connector.

Fiber to fiber transparent converter Card:

FOCIR-GSX-GLX-SMvv : 1000SX multi-mode 500 m to 1000LX single-mode, (vv) 10 or 30 km

Copper to fiber single fiber WDM converter : a W13 and a W15 products shall be used in pair,

FOCIR-xxx-xxx-SMvvW13 : Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet to fiber, single-mode WDM, 1310 nm transmitter, 20 or 40 km,

FOCIR-xxx-xxx-SMvvW15 : Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet to fiber, single-mode WDM, 1550 nm transmitter, 20 to 40 km,

Copper to fiber CWDM converter card: for use with a passive CWDM multiplexer such as the CWDM-1U-1310-Cxx-Cyy,

FOCIR-xxx-xxx-SMvv-Czz : Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet to fiber, single-mode colored or Lambda, 1430 nm to 1610 nm wavelength transmitter.