This module is a transparent or store and forward Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet converter for copper to fiber or fiberto fiber conversion. It is remotely managed through the fiber link from the central FOCIR card (In-Band management). It can also be used as a stand alone plug and play media converter.


The FOCI model includes a transparent optical converter (1000SX to 1000LX), and a store and forward media converter (10/100BaseT or 10/100/1000BaseT to fiber). This is a plug and play device with automatic speed, duplex mode and MDI/MDIX negotiation.

In a point-to-point operation, FOCI sets the copper interface to its maximum speed and full dupex mode according to the capabilities of the peer Ethernet active equipments. A Link Loop Test can be activated from a small push button.







The AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP management system can access the FOCI converter through the FOCIR cards. The status and configuration of the copper and fiber interfaces, flow control, duplex, MDI/MDIX and test loop can be controlled though Telnet and Http protocols.

The FOCI range of products includes:

Copper to fiber converter:

FOCI-TTX-FX-MM : 10/100BaseT to 100FX, multi-mode 2 km, SC connector,

FOCI-TTX-FX-MM-ST : 10/100BaseT to 100FX, multi-mode 2km, ST connector,

FOCI-TTX-FX-SMvv : 10/100BaseT to 100FX, single-mode vv 30 to 100 km, SC connector,

FOCI-TGTX-GSX : 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000SX, multi-mode, 500 m, SC connector,

FOCI-TGTX-GLX-SMvv : 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000LX, single-mode, vv10 to 80 km, SC connector.

Fiber to fiber transparent Converter:

FOCI-FX-MM-FX-SMvv : 100FX multi-mode 2 km to 100FX single-mode vv km,,

FOCI-GSX-GLX-SMvv : 1000SX multi-mode 500 m to 1000LX single-mode vv 10 or 30 km.

Copper to single fiber WDM : a W13 and a W15 product shall be used in pair

FOCI-xxx-xxx-SMvvW13 : Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet to fiber converter, single-mode WDM, 1310 nm transmission, 20 or 40 km,

FOCI-xxx-xxx-SMvvW15: Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet to fiber converter, single-mode WDM, 1550 nm transmission, 20 or 40 km.