The FO-E3T3 extends G703 E3 or T3/DS3 line and Ethernet line over 4 km with multimode fiber optic and up to 200km with single mode fiber. It is very convenient to extend a 34/45Mbps connection over fiber instead of coax cable, and in addition to extend TDM/PDH traffic over fiber at a lower cost than a SDH/SONET installation. The FO-E3T3 provides transparently the transport of the E3/T3 with data and framing (PDH, ATM, etc.).



The FO-E3T3 is used frequently to extend access from a multiplexer/DACS to a microwave radio or router. Some ISPs provide Internet access from a TDM/SDH backbone when they are leasing E3 or DS3 access for large sites. The FO-E3T3 is a plug and play solution between TDM switchs and routers located in the customer premise.

This modem contains two user interfaces: a copper E3/T3-DS3 and an Ethernet bridge. The FO-E3T3 is used also as a multiplexer to carry and E3 or T3 and a Ethernet with a 35 or 45Mbps bandwidth.

The modem will be used as Ethernet Bridge to E3 or DS3 fiber optic. The transport of WAN-HDLC is processing at G703 E3 or T3 format. At the other end of the fiber we can use the FO-E3T3 in Ethernet bridge mode or have it converted to E3/DS3 fiber/copper mode. In this last case the Ethernet WAN traffic is transported over clear channel E3 or T3/DS3 over TDM-PDH or SDH network. The end of the Ethernet link can be terminated by a couple of FO-E3T3 or an electric G703 CV-E3T3-TTX converter. This is an economic way to provide point-to-point Ethernet over TDM network at 34Mbps or 45Mbps.

Finally the FO-E3T3 can be use as a simple Ethernet media converter from 10/100Baset to 100FX.

The FO-E3T3 is very simple to install. Loop tests, BER tests, and statistic are available from the Ethernet consol port in Telnet or with a Windows GUI.

The FO-E3T3 is delivered in compact metallic box or as a card for 19’’ chassis for 4 or 16 cards. Both are available with AC or DC power supply.


  • Two user port E3/T3-DS3 and Ethernet bridge installed for :
    - Extension of electric G703 E3 or T3/D3 transparently over fiber, or
    - Extension of Ethernet over fiber optic at E3 or T3/D3 format,
    - Multiplexing of E3/T3 and Ethernet over fiber
    - Media converter 10/100Baset to 100FX
  • Combo E3 & T3,
  • E3: G703, 34.368 Mbps,
  • T3: 44.736Mbps, T1.102,
  • Coding HDB3, B3ZS,
  • Low jitter: G751, TBR24,
  • Ethernet bridge transparent to VLAN; HDLC WAN.
  • FO interfaces: MM 1310nm 4km ST or SC, SM 1310nm 30km, SFP up to 200km or CWDM or single fiber WDM
  • Tests according to V54,
  • Integrated BERT test,
  • Desktop or card for 19’’ chassis