The FO-E1E2 is a transparent fiber optic modem for Telco as well as for enterprise in all TDM infrastructures to deliver and to extend voice line E1-MIC (CAS or R2), ISDN PRI or data clear channel G.703 E1 or fractional G704 FE1. This equipment interconnects any 2Mbps devices transparently.

The FO-E1E2 is running also at 8Mbps in G703 E2 mode for the access Satellite or some microwave. This modem can run face to the FO-SECD a co-directional X21 modem at 2 and 8Mbps.


The installation of FO-E1E2 is fully automatic and doesn’t require setup. E1/E2 rate is automatically detected.

The FO-E1T2 owns a double 120 Ohms (RJ45) and 75 Ohms (BNC) line interface for all countries.

PBX interconnection or BTS to MSC interconnection should be done as a simple cable connection.

The FO-E1E2 face to a FO-SECD provides a 2Mbps serial synchronous X21/V11 link between a TDM/PDH/SDH network and local device DTE or DCE. As well for satellites or some microwave this couple of modem can extend a 8Mbps link.

The FO-E1E2 is available in metal box or rack card for multi services chassis AMS4 or AMS16 with SNMP management. All version are available with AC 110/230v or DC 48v or DC 24v power supply.

Specification :

  • G.703 E1 2,048Mbps extension over fiber optic,
  • Transport of E1 MIC, E1 PRI, G.703 or G.704 voice/data link,
  • G.703 E2 8,448Mbps line extension over fiber optic,
  • 120 ohms RJ45 & 75 ohms 2 BNC line interfaces,
  • Optic: Multimode 820nm ST, Single-mode 1310nm à 30/60km, Laser 1550nm at 117km with SC/PC or option FC/PC,
  • Tests mode according to V54,
  • Metal box AC, DC 48 or 24v,
  • Rack card for AMS4 & AMS16 SNMP,
  • Free GUI software: MX-CFG,
  • Statistic at 15mn, 30mn, 1 and 24 h,
  • Local and Distant loop test .