This small E1 multiplexer is an economical solution to support small density of analogue interfaces with at the edge of PDH network and compatible with standard large PDH multiplexer connected over E1-CAS. E&M interfaces provide interconnection within voice band 300-3400Hz for application of voice, analogue modem, PBX LIA, analogue Radio, SCADA, etc.

The analogue interfaces can be set-up as 2 or 4 wires transmission with E&M signalization or without as an analogue Leased Line. The E&M signalization Type 1/2/3/4/5 can be set-up per port an carried transparently in TS16 with CAS mode.

The CV-4EM is compatible with all equipment supporting E&M with law A or law µ with or without signalization like the DACS CXR QX3440.

This multiplexer is optimized to support industrial application requiring dynamic variation of vocal band and transit delay.

Réfences de commande

CV-4EM-V 4E&M to E1 G704/2Mbps converter, 48Vdc power supply desktop with external 48V to AC adapter