The CV-4BRI is a CSU/DSU, termination line converter for clear channel G703 E1 networks and G704 framed line of n x 64kbps.

The CV-4BRI can be configured with several types of interface: X21/V11, V35, V36/RS530, V24/V28, Ethernet and ISDN 4 BRI (S0/T0). This feature makes it possible for service providers to deliver point-to-point services to corporate end users over PDH networks or wireless local loops.



Feature of the CV-4BRI:

The choice of user Interface must be specified on order:

  • CV2011: X21/V11 DTE Interface with DB25 to DB15F cable CV2035: V35 DTE Interface with DB25 to M.34F cable,
  • CV2036: RS530 in DB25 and V36 DTE interface with DB25 to DB37F cable
  • CV2028: a RS232 interface in synchronous mode at 64 or 128kbps and asynchronous DB25F up to 38.4 kbps
  • CV20BT: Ethernet bridge 10BaseT compatible with MD20BT, FO80BT and CopperLAN
  • CV24BR: provide 4 ISDN BRI (S0/T0) interfaces configured as an NT or TE

Line interface:

  • Electrical: G703, 4 wires
  • Clock 2048 kbps +/- 50ppm: internal, external, network
  • Coding : HDB3
  • Transmission: clear channel G703 2 Mbps or framed G704 at n x 64kbps
  • User defined TS allocation for serial or Ethernet trunk
  • Allowance of the TS per B or D channel of the BRI interface in the CV24BR
  • Digital test of local and remote loop
  • Modem functionality: Short haul distance 300 m (984 ft)or long haul 1.6 km (5250 ft) over 4 wire.
  • Desktop 230 VAC and 48 VDC
  • Rack card for AMS4 and AMS16 with optional management with the CFIP over Ethernet (Telnet and SNMP)
  • Configuration of local and distant equipment by consol port in VT100 screen, by AT command or free Windows software MxCfg.
  • An ANSI version is available; please look at the CV2000-PxU page.
  • A version with an additional E1 D&I interface is available with the MX2000.
  • An ANSI version is available; please look at the CV2000-PxU page.

    A version with an additional E1 D&I interface is available with the MX2000.