The CXR media conversion center is a powerful solution to deploy short and long distance optical Ethernet links. This system is used by the Telco to interconnect multi-site customers but also by enterprises for their large campus, building and multiple floor infrastructures.

The AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP concentrates dual fiber, single fiber WDM and also CWDM Lambda Ethernet accesses into a unique management center.


This 16 cards chassis is manageable in Telnet, html and SNMP protocols. All 16 local FOCIR cards and remote FOCI converters are controlled from a unique IP address.

The management system gives access to the FOCIR cards for:

Automatic inventory of the cards, 
Line and interface status display
Link activation and deactivation,
Link rate limiting per 1 Mbps step,
Copper interface : Automatic or speed, duplex, , fow control settings,
Broadcast filtering,
Ethernet frame monitoring with 9 RMON groups ,
1+1 protection of adjacent cards.
Link Pass Through and Link alarm function,
Alarm monitoring of cards, power modules and fans

… and to the remote FOCIconverters:

Automatic inventory of the converters, 
line and interface status display,
copper interface: MDI/MDIX/Auto, speed, duplex and flow control settings,
Ethernet traffic and power monitoringg.


The AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP is a 19’’ 2U chassis for 16 hot swappable converter cards. It is powered by two redundant and load sharing 110/230 Vac or 48 Vdc power supplies. The chassis temperature is controlled by 3 fans.

The management system is accessed from a console or an Ethernet port in telnet, snmp or http protocols:

HTML interface:


Telnet with intuitive text menu:


SNMP : MIB I&II are provided for an SNMP manager such as SNMPc or HP-OV.

Access from the management system may be disabled and the media converters may be configured from dip-switches. The media converter operation does not depend on the management system.

Local alarms and SNMP TRAP can be activated and deactivated.

CXR offers on option a light aluminum chassis for on-board and weight sensitive applications such as some military environments.

Ordering Information:

AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP : chassis for 16 media converter cards (FOCIR, FOCR), SNMP card, two power supply slots, without power module,

PS-AC-AMS-MEDIA : 110/230 Vac power supply for the AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP,

PS-DC-AMS-MEDIA : 48 Vdc power supply for the AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP,

AMS-MEDIA16-LW-SNMP : light aluminum chassis for 16 cards (FOCIR, FOCR), SNMP card, two power supply slots without power module, 3.7 kg,

PS-AC-AMS-MEDIA-LW : Light power supply for AMS-MEDIA16-LW, 110/230 Vac, 1.05 kg,

PS-DC-AMS-MEDIA-LW : Light power supply for AMS-MEDIA16-LW, 48 Vdc, 1.05 kg.