CXR offers mounting kits for desktop devices and independent modules: 19’’ rack kit, Wall and Rail-DIN mounting assemblies.

Rack Kit 19’’

Except for a few exceptions all 19’’ products include 19’’ or 19’’/23’’ brackets to fix the chassis to a shelf.


RACK-DUAL-CPE Rack Kit 1U 19" for 2 small compact aluminum boxes. Accepts “CPE” TS224, CV200, MX200, CopperLAN, SeriaLAN, CyberConnect, TeamConnect and standard CopperWay

TS-RACK-KIT Rack Kit 1U 19" for 2 TS324 or TS1124

RACK-2-UNIVERSAL Rack Kit 1U 19" for 2 large aluminium boxes. Accepts”Universal” SpeederLAN, MD4000, FO-Exxxx

RACK-UNIVERSAL-CPE Rack Kit 1U 19" for 1 “Universal” and 1 ” CPE”, like one CopperLAN and one MD4000

KIT-2POWER Kit 19" 1U tray with strap for 2 plastic case modems type ” Power” 2885P, 6434 or FO8000, CV2000

SCADA-1 Kit 19" 1U for 1 industrial modem 2885 SDMF

SCADA-2 Kit 19" 1U for 2 industrial modem 2885 SDMF

WALL-….. Wall Mounting

WALL-CPE Metal Wall fixing kit for ” CPE” TS224, CV/MX200, CopperLAN, SeriaLAN, CyberConnect, TeamConnect, CopperWAY standard

WALL-UNIVERSAL Metal Wall fixing kit for ”Universal” SpeederLAN, MD4000, FO-Exxxx

The new dual color plastic box has a built-in slots for wall mounting capability. (TS4-GPRS, MD400-E1T1, FO-E1T1-L….)

DIN-…. Rail DIN fixing

DIN-CPE Kit for DIN Rail mounting of ” CPE” TS224, CV/MX200, CopperLAN, SeriaLAN, CyberConnect, TeamConnect, standard CopperWay

All native RAIL DIN equipment are delivered with the DIN mounting features: CopperWAY-DIN, SWMDIN, FOADIN….

DIN-FOC is a plastic Rail-DIN mounting delivered with screws for the FOC/FOCI/FOCF, TS4-GPRS, MD400-E1T1.

No rails are delivered with these kits.

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RACK WALL DIN 19'' kit, wall and DIN Rail fixing

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